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Jayne J. Kleinman, M.S., CRC
Wallingford, Connecticut
(203) 631-4800

Kleinman Consulting LLC
Health Care and Disability Resource Consultant

Jayne Kleinman consulting with clientLinking individuals, families and professionals to health care and disability resources...

Jayne Kleinman specializes in health care and disability resource consulting. She links individuals and families who have health care needs with providers such as hospitals, doctors, rehabilitation specialists, community agencies, municipal programs, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities. She also consults with providers to help them develop and deliver the best in health care, rehabilitation and disability services.

Kleinman Consulting LLC works for families and individuals to find:

  • Resources to address disability issues and chronic health concerns such as those from stroke, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, Parkinsons disease and Alzheimer's disease

  • Independent Living Programs—what they do and where they are

  • Private personal assistants—what to look for when hiring personal help

Are your elderly out-of-state parents in need of assistance?

Do you have family or friends with disabilities who need resources?

Jayne Kleinman can help you find the resources you need (in your hometown or anywhere in the USA) to make the right decisions.

We assist our clients by identifying health care and disability resources which provide the type of facilities and services designed to meet the client's specific needs. Note that the resources that we furnish to our clients are based on information made available to us by the providers. We do not independently verify the qualifications or level of services furnished by these providers nor do we make specific recommendations. It is the responsibility of the client (or caregiver) to evaluate the selected provider to ensure that it will meet the client's needs.
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